Anti-rain distinguished into 2 main categories. The first one- the usual cheap means for spraying on the car window, the second one- expensive means with the prefix “nano,” which promises that during heavy rain we will not have to use the wipers – droplets will drip off the windshield.Anti-rain for car

The effect of the application of “anti-rain” is. If you drive in the rain on the road at a speed of over 60 km / h, the wipers can’t be used! Drops rise up themselves and the glass stays clean! It is very nice and impressive looks. But there is a fly in the ointment.

This effect occurs only in speed higher than 60-70 km / h. As higher the speed is- so better the effect of anti-rain! In the city with traffic lights and frequent stops – benefits are reduced to a minimum. This mean will suit motorists who often drive on the track, there the effect is more visible and useful.

The main application of anti-rain – glass cleaning efficiency as quickly wipers cope with the flow of water. Here a cheap and effective means are in handy. Because security deposit of rain – it’s not moving drop on car glass, but a clear glass and a good overview.