electric vehiclesIf a few years ago an electric car was seemed means of transport of the distant future, but today almost none motor companies left, not leading the development of this environmentally friendly vehicle. And they do so not in order to save the planet from the greenhouse effect. At that time, as soon as these projects had primarily scientific nature, but now manufacturers are seriously considering how to make the issue of electric cars as profitable business.

To date, the most famous company engaged in the mass production of electric cars, is the North American Tesla. However, this company produces cars not for the average user. The second model of the brand – sedan Model S costs half the price, but it also can’t be called affordable. The characteristics of this machine is impressive – it is able to travel on a single charge of 480 km, and is charged just in 45 minutes, while the Roadster requires 3.5 hours to fully charge the battery, and grabs her by 354 km.