FordThe American company Ford announced a large-scale recall of cars in North America. Under the recall get car models Ford Ranger, implemented in this region in the period from 2004 to 2006. The total number of the recalled vehicles is 391.394, 361.692 thousands of which and 2012 Ford Escape headlight bulb are responded in the United States and 29.334 thousand – in Canada.
The reason for revocation a defect in the gas blowers of airbags was served, made by Takata firm. The design of defective airbags as an agent is used excessively strong substance – ammonium nitrate. While it is triggered, such airbag can overwhelm a driver with metal fragments of the body.
The most famous of these cases, which at the moment there are eight, was occurred in April 2015 in Louisiana, USA. Then, driving a Honda Civic 2005 model year 22-year-old girl was died. In the accident the airbag was triggered, but the cutter explosion was too strong and the girl was covered with metal shrapnel.