The 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT 8 foreign 25 horsepower And 6 feet. One leaders ordered 25 horsepower even though $40000. Like a lot of money A car Actually as far as I know Spence of cars sold in America with over 4 horsepower. There is not a car on the market today that is as much fun to do burnouts and Dodge challenger SRT. Mark my words. You compared side by side to the original Dodge Challenger in 1970. The past 40 years. Performance has really improved that. Lou doesn’t go that fast I mean low 50 to 6 the low 13 the quarter mile just really aren’t that impressive number these days.

2009 Dodge Challenger SRT8This car has more curb appeal than just about any American car available today. If you really want the look and feel of a traditional muscle car but you want modern reliability and safety features this is probably the perfect car for you Chrysler is finally learns at its top of the line models buyers really do want a lot more soft touch materials we got softer plastics a good grip on the steering wheel at all guitar on the door. The seats are just about the most comfortable seat ever offered on any American because the back seats are just about as culpable the front seats provided you don’t to sit behind someone my size – A memo to Dodge. Additional information Dodge Challenger headlights see at

When you’re building a brand new halo car don’t use the steering wheel from a Chrysler 304 years ago that I really hate. Big carbon fiber vinyl. This car is huge it was 80 percent of the size would be 200 percent more fun to drive anyway you slice it 4300 pounds is just to have. Photo by saying here that may not be the fastest thing on the track but it looks great possible at a 45 grand it’s gonna find a buyer.