Change Honda Civic AlternatorTake us to them new article¬†your own alternator bill on remove and replace but since I have this old alternator how I’m going to go ahead and just make a quick video on. Alternative remove the ruthless. See you ultimately. Sit down in the. And this is in case you don’t already have the new alternate I can show you how. Take a First of all. You’re gonna have. 12 millimeter bow right here and that’ll be that tough boat in you know loosen that up. And then you’re gonna get down to the boat down there which is a 14 millimeter bow and once you get both those Lucinda you get the belt off.

Bill We go out obeah come out. Which also got these 2. Wires back here let me get the. The area cleared up. Yet the. Why are coming into the area which is a bowl think it’s Alternator Thing is timid vote And then you get that plug in you gotta take. So once you get those 2 are so. And 2 votes. Full moon. For its enormity. Should I have no problem actually I do this long time ago this one s from the engine under slot and I think. This is your common. Down to the pot. If memory serves me correctly.

So a Yeah I think you don’t want to try. Take a note from the mom home if not I mean obviously Gooden Chapman’s up. So the so quick. Just a short video. Giving you a few tips on removing replace Alternator. Jordan Han had to you thanks for watching.